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Slow Cooker Review


All slow cookers (crock pots depend on a number of things:

  • What size do you need or want?

    (available in 10,8, 8.5, 7, 6, 4, 3.5, or 3 Qt)

  • Do you want a simple dial control or digital control?

  • Do you want a multi-purpose or just a slow cooker

    (available w/pressure cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker,

    warmer, steamer, egg cooker, poultry cooker, etc.)

  • What is your budget


A review helps but if the above criteria does not meet your needs,

then telling you how good or bad a unit is, doesn't matter.

I have links below to take you to Amazon and you can start.


Once you know what you need or want, type in the search bar:

  • slow cooker 3 Qt or whatever size then,

  • enter


Browse and watch the reviews shown in stars, read them and see if the

comments show anything that would interest you or show you what not to buy.


What I can tell you are my personal preferences based on my personal use for the following brands and why:


  1. Cuisinart, if there is a defect, take it back to where you bought it.

    If the place does not take it back, call Cuisinart.

    They have great customer service


    The Crock-Pot Company, they have been around a long time, 40 years or so


  2. Instant Pot Company, like Cuisinart, based in Canada, is user-friendly

    and safe. They have not been around as long as the competition but

    they do have the quality


  3. Hamilton Beach, I have used the larger versions for catering and they hold up well

    considering they are on the road getting banged around a little


These are only my preferences and the other brands are equally as good, just check the reviews and you will discover which brand and model will not suit your needs. If you have any questions and this does not help you, please feel free to contact me using the contact button. I really do want to help make your dining, cooking, entertaining as simple, easy and as stress-free as possible. I will respond as promptly as possible. If you describe in detail your question, I can possibly send you the link, leave your number and I will return your call. If you work, leave a time slot that will work for you.


I assure you, a slow cooker will rescue in times of need, cooking your meal while you are free to pursue other interests, needs or family.


Thank you for staying me and BON APETIT!

Crock Pot Meals

"The Perfect Steak Maker"


What Food Means To Me

  A good plate of delicious food is heartwarming, good for the, watching my children devour the dishes I have [p


  When I cook for my daughters, I am precise as possible, tasting as I go, striving for the perfect pleasing meal Possible and when I see them eat it, enjoy it, smile and then talk a while at the table, it seems for that moment I have witnessed a bit of what heaven has in store for me. 


 It is the little things in life that are the most satisfying and it is the little things you do with your cooking that deliver that satisfaction. 

To Grow or Not To Grow

Have you ever thought about growing your own herb garden? Why not? Grow it in your home, water easily from the kitchen, save money on spices, add a more intense flavor, creates a more colorful dish and promotes love in your home. 




  • Look at some of the ideas on kitchen planters or if you have a green house, no problem.

  • Then look for some room for your planters. You need light or a grow light

  • Pick out a glazed or ceramic container, place some small rocks in the bottom

  • Potting soil or a combination of soil and vermiculite for extra aeration and water retention

  • Water frequently, feeding monthly

  • have a good time!


Do you have to grow your own herbs? No, they do however provide a fresher, stronger flavor but you can also do the dried spices. Fresh herbs can be less expensive than dried, you can also preserve most of your herbs for future use in a variety of ways. Fresh herbs also bring to your dish, vibrant colors, professional plating and guess who gets most of the love? YOU DO!

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