So what is this site about? Calamity? Is this about stress, disasters? No, it is about avoiding all the stress and disasters associated with food from your kitchen to restaurants.  It is about giving you the tools to win this war!

Those tools are information and education, the most important tools you need to live and survive not just with an apron on but in the world whether at work, shopping, managing, everything you do requires information and the education on how to use that information. Besides all of that, we will give you the opportunity to ask questions about anything related to food. This is your site, your crutch to lean on and your support for cooking or furthering your career. 


   I have been a cook, manager, district manager, and a restaurant consultant in both the corporate and small business world. The food industry has been many things to me, my life, my pleasure, my pain and it has supported my life. To this very day, I still cook almost daily, have my own research and development techniques for developing recipes, menus and parties. I just love FOOD! 


This site is free for everyone, no secrets, no membership, no asking you for information, just us giving you the information. There is a comments section, recipes, food safety information, many different charts, a contact section in case you want to ask a question or two and there is a newsletter section where we ask for an email but we do not use your email for any reason except to contact you or send you a newsletter. We do not spam but we do have advertisements here for your benefit but we do not sell anything. I thought maybe about aprons and some kitchen items but if I do, they will appear as an ad just like every other ad. 


   All I want is for you to succeed at whatever it is you are doing. There will be videos later of me and others who are associated with me strictly for educational purposes. This is a big undertaking and will take years to complete but in the meantime, look around, enjoy and let me know what you like, do not like, want to see or what you need. This is for you, not for me. I am retired working part time because I am bored but I do have hopes that this site might consume more my time. Eventually, there will be a schedule of when I publish newsletters, videos, podcasts and maybe live seminars if the call arises. Just keep watching and keep cooking!


   I plan for articles on managing restaurants, your home kitchen, budgeting and so on but first I need the basics. Oh yeas, if anyone has anything to add or would like to help with this site, let me know. You do not need to live here with me, you can live anywhere and still be a part of this site.


  I appreciate your visiting this site, hope you help me spread the word to your family and friends!