Grow Your Own Herbs

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

When it comes to growing fresh herbs, there is nothing easier unless you are my youngest daughter with not a green thumb but a completely deadly HAND! Everything dies including plants I have raised and when I was on vacation she tried to water them and help me, yep, they were weeds when I returned.

Fresh Herbs

Advanatages of fresh herbs

There several advantages, flavor is much better with fresh chopped, herbs, definitely less expensive than buying fresh and you may not have to buy the herbs you grow again, in some dishes there is a little texture enhancement and last but not least, it makes your dishes glow with color. Did you know that basil for example, comes in several colors? If you grow continually, you will not run out as well. I just prefer fresh always but financially (except when my daughter eradicated my herb garden by the birth of the black hand) you won't have to buy those herbs anymore. Most herbs grow year round, if you have too many, cut them, chop them and freeze them or dry them out and you will have made your own dry herbs.

Colorful Herb, Impressive Dish!

What to grow:

  • Basil - they come in green, purple and crimson

  • Oregano - easy to grow in a kitchen herb garden

  • Dill - used in many dishes, cold and hot

  • Mint - leaves excellent for garnishing lamb, desserts

  • Thyme - the edition f thyme finishes out your essentiial italian herbs

You can purchase the seeds individually or as a variety pack, choice is yours, Grow time differs but not much. A Chart is included to help you growing your herb garden and harvesting the delicious, flavorful fruit of your labor.

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