Team Relations-Make or Break You

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Many managers seem bewildered or just couldn't be bothered with the bonding process with the team. There are two teams, the management and the staff but you need to merge the two teams into one team. The other thing is that as managers, we are so focused on the company goals that we forget the staff are people, not machines. I have been guilty of this as well.

What to do?

Set the example, keep an open line of two way communications between all, reprimand, reward, immediately and constantly keep the motivation on.

Yes! Be that person!


Hire and train properly reinforcing the fun, responsible, ownership principles. Remember, every person has their own characteristics such as morning or evening person, moves fast or steady, handles or doesn't handle pressure. Try to adjust to their needs as much as possible.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Reprimand or praise immediately while it is fresh in their mind

  2. Keep an open line of communication, bulletin boards. posters and so on

  3. Motivate as well as push employees, work contests, challenges

  4. Have parties, cleaning, new menus, new training, make it fun

  5. Celebrate birthdays and holidays with the crew, not just for the crew

  6. Be there to help your crew when they need but do not do their job

Try to keep all detrimental elements out of your restaurant:

> Gossip. squash the restaurant hotline

> Do not lie to any of you team

> Follow through with what you state you will do and when

> Keep your promises, make your staff do the same

Many restaurants have problems but most are lacking in discipline, well defined policies, too many gray areas, terrible follow up, even worse documentation and communication. Just try this for a month and see how many changes there are. If necessary, replace the people that refuse to cooperate, this too is negativity. Change how everyone talks to other and helps each other. Emphasize teamwork and do not accept anything different. Sit down with the negative people and explain what is needed and let them make the choice to accept it or move on. It is hard to see someone go but if it is their choice, it is easier to accept. It also gives you a talking point when your team realize that most people that leave, do so by their own choice. You can make a game of it by making teams and there will be rewards in thirty days for those who succeed. Maybe all succeed and that would be the best present of all.

The last thing is to train everyone in all areas around them, asking for their input on problems removing them from the problem and making them part of the decision. People are more likely to attempt something if it was part of their decision to do so. I have had staffs where all the decisions and problems were handled by them on the floor, then come to me to inform me of their choices and if I agreed, they got a "good job", if I had a better solution or opinion on what to do, they still got "good job for taking the initiative."

If you exclude them, they will exclude you-

I appreciate your input, comments, complaints or ideas. Have a great life!

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