Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Countdown to the Thanksgiving Holiday As Thanksgiving approaches, cooking the traditional turkey dinner gives rise to anxieties and questions. What kind of turkey should I buy? Should I buy a frozen turkey or a fresh one? How do I store my turkey?

A few simple steps will not only ease your holiday fears, but will ensure a delicious and a safe meal for you, your family, and your friends. The following information may help you prepare your special Thanksgiving meal and help you countdown to the holiday.

• Plan Ahead

• Fresh or Frozen

• Thawing - In the refrigerator

• Thawing - In cold water

• Thawing - In the microwave

• Preparation - The day before Thanksgiving

• Preparation - Thanksgiving Day

• Timetables for Turkey Roasting

• Use a food thermometer to check the internal temperature of the turkey

• Storing Leftovers

Plan Ahead Plan your menu several weeks before the holiday. Shopping early will ease the countdown tension for your Thanksgiving meal. Ask these questions to help plan your meal. Do you want a fresh or frozen turkey? Do you have enough space to store a frozen bird if purchased in advance; if not, when should you purchase a turkey? What size bird do you need to buy?

Fresh or Frozen If you choose to buy a frozen bird you may do so at any time, but make sure you have adequate storage space in your freezer. If you buy a fresh turkey, be sure you purchase it only 1-2 days before cooking. Do not buy a pre-stuffed fresh turkey and if you can, do not stuff your turkey but prepare your stuffing on the stove, oven or slow cooker.

Holidays are the merging of cheer, love family and friends

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