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Updated: Oct 31, 2018

If it hasn't dawn on you yet, keeping your kitchen organized makes cooking easier. Is that all?

No, Putting things back where they belong, keep a shopping list nearby so you can add ingredients you have used up or broken utensils that need replacing, and proper preparing techniques that will save you mucho grief.

Prepping Techniques

The best way is to have a set of bowls for ingredients only. See the little white bowls on the bottom left? They also come in colors or clear but your choice. Measure spices, dry ingredients, vegetables, meats, oils and so on and place near the stove or grill. When you are ready to cook they are at you finger tips. Yes, I know you have more dishes to wash but do you prefer the stress or dishes? Preparing ahead actually makes it fun, easy and enjoyable. Here is the link to bowls and bowl sets:

Storage containers are your friends

Nothing more valuable than a good set of airtight storage containers. Keeps everything from spilling, keeps the food safe from cross contamination, from moisture and from insects, and it helps you store them, especially if they are square of rectangular. We have so many containers (actually way more than we need) we have a large plastic tub to store them in(not organized). A link is provided for you by merely clinking on it. There is also a links tab for shopping as well.

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